Ashley Roberts Tampa Police Captain

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Police Captain

About Ashley Roberts, Former Tampa Police Captain

Ashley Roberts is a Tampa Bay, Florida-based health and wellness enthusiast with years of experience with sports. Ashley played collegiate softball on a full-ride scholarship from Santa Fe Community College and transferred to the University of South Florida to play the remainder of her softball career. Ashley quickly built a reputation for her profound passion of the sport and her commitment to always bringing her game to the next level, inspiring her teammates to do the same. Ashley currently draws from her softball experience for pickleball, where she takes lessons and participates in the sport with friends.

In Ashley’s free time, she provides insights and tips for fellow health, wellness, and sports enthusiasts, participates in a variety of community development activities, and proudly holds the title of travel basketball mom. Ashley is well-known within her community for her commitment to the development of education and offers insights into how individuals can work towards reaching their various goals. Ashley Roberts also has experience volunteering with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay and United Way of Tampa, further establishing her profound interest in contributing to the educational development and stability of youth within her community.

Ashley Roberts Explores Reasons Why Pickleball is a Great Form of Exercise

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Police Captain

Ashley Roberts acknowledges that the sport of pickleball is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Not only is pickleball incredibly fun, but she notes that the sport is also a great form of exercise for individuals of all ages. Here, Ashley Roberts explores a few commonly cited reasons why pickleball is an excellent way to keep in shape.

Easily accessible

Accessibility is an important factor for any form of exercise. More people can enjoy a sport when it is accessible to people of various age ranges and walks of life. Ashley Roberts speaks to how pickleball is special in that it provides an opportunity to exercise for nearly all members of the community. The court is smaller than in many other sports, the actions involved are less strenuous on the body, paddles and balls are not expensive, and there is a lively, kind community that is extremely welcoming to new players. While everyone is different and there is certainly value in less accessible types of sports and exercises, there is something truly special about a sport that nearly anyone can pick up and play successfully.

Causes Less Stress on Joints

As we age, various contact and high octane sports can bring higher risk of joint injury. Pickleball stands out as an excellent form of exercise because, while it can certainly get intense, it is significantly easier on the muscles, joints, and tendons than most other sports. Not only does this mean that players can participate in the sport while worrying less about injury, but it also ensures that they can enjoy the sport for years to come.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

A study conducted by the International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology found that adults middle-aged and older who played an hour of pickleball three times weekly for six wees had improved blood pressure, cardiorespiratory fitness levels, and lower cholesterol than when they began. Scientists working on the study found this significant because many adults exhibit high cholesterol, hypertension, and low cardiorespiratory endurance that puts them at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Ashley Roberts finds that, while there are many potential reasons why pickleball contributes to lower risk of heart disease, one of the most common beliefs for its effectiveness is the sport’s ease of access. Pickleball is simple to pick up and play, and takes place on a small court, making the sport attractive to adults who might find other sports and activities too daunting. In addition to this, pickleball provides a great workout and keeps you moving!

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Police Captain

Helps Players Stay Sharp

One aspect of pickleball that often surprises new players is that it can be an incredibly fast-paced game that requires frequent split-second decisions. Research has shown that pickleball can be great for helping players improve their cognitive function and memory recall. Ashley notes that the sport can also help players improve their hand-eye coordination, a skill that can certainly diminish with age and lack of use. Because of the smaller-sized court and myriad of techniques that can be used within the game, players must remain mentally sharp and develop plans for counters in the heat of the moment. This mental aptness can be incredibly valuable to players not only during the game, but in their personal and professional experiences as well.

Improves Mental Health

Scientists have long since discovered a correlation between meaningful exercise and mental health. Ashley Roberts maintains that the exercise involved in pickleball can have a sustained impact on one’s mental wellness. On top of that, pickleball is simply a fun group activitiy, which helps players take advantage of the social aspects of the sport. When you are on the court playing with good friends, you can get fully immersed in the experience, and it feels like nothing else matters. Ashley consistently speaks to how sports like pickleball help individuals form communities of like-minded people and make positive strides towards managing their mental health.

Inspires Socialization

Ashley Roberts upholds that a common barrier that prevents people from exercising as much as they could is the lack of accountability partners. This, combined with many peoples’ fear of looking silly in front of more experienced health and wellness enthusiasts, is commonly mentioned by adults who wish to exercise more. A major reasons why people are drawn to pickleball is that the game has built a strong community over the past few years and provides a great social outlet for players. Pickleball is not an individual journey like forms of exercise such as walking on a treadmill, as it instead encourages people to interact and work together. This social nature of the sport makes it excellent for people who have issues with workout accountability, as pickleball players cannot get the game going without you.

Future Content from Ashley Roberts, Police Captain

Ashley Roberts’s experience as a health and wellness enthusiast places her in the unique position to share insights on sports such as softball and pickleball, as well as core concepts within the realms of professional/personal development, health, wellness, motivation, and her experiences as a sports mom. Through high-level advice that offers insights into her areas of expertise, Ashley aims to help others learn more about how they can be more successful in their endeavors.

Future content inspired by Ashley Roberts’s insights will address topics such as reasons pickleball has become so popular, softball tips from a college player, recent advancements in sports technology and their impact, and more.

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